Mike Owens

This interview with Mike Owens, VP  of Logistics Sourcing at Dell,  provides insight on how experiential learning is used in his office. He talks about recent hires at Dell who have all some experience with experiential learning. He goes on to elaborate how there's no cookie cutter approach to experiential learning and how Trinity students are proof of that.


Brad Little

Brad Little describes teaching his peers in history classes, publishing and recording through his communication classes, going into the field in geology and oceanography classes, volunteering. He also discusses the importance of experiential learning in hiring decisions, and employee's success at Capgemini.



Mary Heathcott

An oral history interview of Ms. Mary Heathcott conducted by Peyton Tvrdy that features the opinion of both an alumnus and an employer of Trinity students. Topics include Blue Star Contemporary art museum, experiential education in the workplace, work environment for interns, internships she experienced, study abroad, TUVAC, and the skills gained through experiential education.


Jerheme Urban

Jerheme Urban serves a unique role at Trinity University. Aside from being the head football coach, which also makes him an employer, he is also a Trinity University alumni. In this interview Coach Urban talks about the role experiential learning plays in his office space as well as the benefits of experiential learning at Trinity. He also talks about his time at Trinity and how that led to his current position. He also mentions how the presence of experiential learning has shaped the dynamic of the players on the team.