Danny Anderson

An oral history interview of Dr. Danny Anderson conducted by Jonathan Chapman and Peyton Tvrdy that highlights the President's perspective on experiential education. Topics include study abroad, internships, service learning, Arts Letters and Enterprises (ALE), and the advantages of the University, including its location and multiculturalism.


Jacob Tingle

In this oral history interview, Dr. Jacob Tingle, a Trinity alumnus and the Director of Experiential Learning at Trinity, discusses how Trinity is incorporating experiential learning into its curricula, the importance of reflection in the learning process, the value of experiential learning in career development, integrating experiential learning into his classes, and the effects of his time as a referee for Trinity's intramural program.


Diana Young

In this interview, Assistant Business Analytics and Technology Professor, Diana Young, talks about the benefits of experiential learning. She mentions how there are a spectrum of techniques that can be used to reflect this and how not all of them are perfect. She also mentions how there is a great deal of unknown when experiential learning techniques are being used, but students are expected to use the basic skills and knowledge that they possess in order to move forward. She also talks about how there is a greater emphasis on experiential learning as opposed to other schools she has taught at such as University of Incarnate Word and University of Texas at San Antonio.


Dennis Ahlburg

Former Trinity University president, Dr. Dennis Ahlburg, discusses the history of Experiential Learning at Trinity and his role in its implementation in the 2014 Strategic Plan. In addition to a tool used in classrooms, Ahlburg also elaborates on its value in the job market as well as in the greater San Antonio community.



Rita Kosnik

An oral history interview of Dr. Rita Kosnik conducted by Jonathan Chapman discussing Dr. Kosnik's incorporation of Experiential Learning techniques in the classroom. Topics include the importance of Experiential Learning in the student experience, reactions by fellow faculty members, and Experiential Learning in the job application process.


Don Van Eynde

This interview with former Trinity professor, Don Van Eynde, will make your day. The passion he and enthusiasm he has for experiential learning is truly inspirational. Not only does he provide valuable insight into the benefits and effectiveness of experiential learning at Trinity, but he also provides very detailed stories about his time teaching students in Alaska as well in the classroom.


Chad Spigel

An oral history interview of Dr. Chad Spigel conducted by Peyton Tvrdy that showcases the Director of the Mellon Initiative for Undergraduate Research's perspective on experiential education. Topics include experiential fieldwork, student success, benefits and perspective of faculty mentors, and the future of the Mellon program.


Dominic Morais

In this interview Sports Management Professor Dominic Morais discusses his take on experiential learning and the effects it has on all involved. He discusses the implementation of DISC profiles into his class lectures and how that helps students identify who are they are and how they fit in with team members. A brief description of semester projects conducted in his class are also mentioned and how they add to student success. He also discusses his time as a student at Vanderbilt University, as well as the University of Texas, and the advantage Trinity holds over schools similar to them.


Richard Butler

An oral history interview of Dr. Richard Butler conducted by Peyton Tvrdy that discusses the perspective as an Alumni Engagement Coordinator, former chair of the University Curriculum Council, former chair of the General Education, former chair of the Economics Department, former President of Trinity's Phi Beta Kappa chapter, former chair and then dean of the Business Department, among many other roles. Topics of discussion include Common Curriculum, internships, classwork, and service learning.