Fine Arts

Fine arts disciplines have incorporated Experiential Learning in their curricula since their founding. Recitals, plays, hands-on art lessons, and more have facilitated student comprehension of various subjects, encouraging them to put into practice concepts as soon as they are able. The fine arts have championed Trinity’s accent on Experiential Learning since 1871, demonstrating that, not only can Experiential Learning enable students to learn course material, it exists as a fundamental necessity as students must both learn in the classroom and showcase ideas and course concepts. The Trinity theatre department welcomes viewers from outside the Trinity campus, fostering a growing relationship with the greater San Antonio community.

Trinity University Players (TUPS)

The Trinity University Players (TUPS) is a student organization that organizes and produces theatrical productions. The club was founded in 1921 to teach drama theory and organize plays by members throughout the academic year. Membership in the organization was exclusive, with only 40 membership positions in total. Today, TUPS is open to all students of all classes. Membership is no longer limited, and the organization encourages all students to participate in their productions. Student-run productions, such as the 24 Hour Play Festival, remain an important part of the organization. The festival requires students to write, produce, and perform a play in 24 hours, preparing them to become playwrights and directors, as well as for a life of working in the fine arts.




The Mini

The Mini is a student exhibition that is juried. So you need to submit a proposal for a work, you have to make the artwork, see it through the proposal, help install at the gallery … You have to meet deadlines, you have to make sure you get your work finished on time, you have to make install dates, you have to take the time to come in and that’s exactly what you have to do as an artist. You can’t be a great artist and not be reliable with paperwork or deadlines, because galleries won’t wait for you, even if you are really talented … Having a gallery space that students basically run and get to direct their own show has been a really great experience … I would recommend it to anyone who’s wanting to maybe be a working artist.”

Kristina Reinis, Class of 2020, on her experience in The Mini
1973-1974: Theater Department’s Winnie the Pooh
In the 1973-1974 academic years, the Trinity Theater department produced a theatrical rendition of “Winnie The Pooh.” This play was one of several in the 1970s, but the only production to feature a child in a starring role. Participation in the play prepared students for future careers in stage production and for working with younger actors.
1949: Art Class
A group of students in class sketching masks.

1961: Bengal Band
The Trinity University Bengal Band was the University’s marching band. They performed at various school events such as pep rallies and football games. The band was accompanied by the Tigerettes, the University pep squad that showcased baton twirling.
1985: Jazz Band
Photo of the University Jazz band. The band performed concerts both on and off campus for students and locals alike.
1985: Philharmonia
Trinity University's Philharmonia was an orchestra organization that performs for students four concerts each year. The orchestral group gained local noteriety and participated in the local MusicFest.