Experiential Learning and the 2014 10-Year Strategic Plan

2014 marked the year of Trinity's first ever strategic plan, which served as a response to the University’s declining number of applicants. The strategic plan represented the culmination of about four years of planning and workshopping under the presidency of Dr. Dennis Ahlburg. Prior to 2014, Trinity had not changed its core curriculum since 1986 and suffered decreasing numbers of applications in part as a result. In response, The 2014 Strategic Plan addressed the negative stigma of a liberal arts education as broad but lacking depth. The strategic plan’s writers decided to include Experiential Learning as one of the first goals covered so that students could benefit from a diverse course load with a practical approach and ample reflection. It was from this document that Trinity adopted “Discover. Grow. Become.” as its guiding slogan. Since the creation of an evolving strategic plan and refreshed approach to teaching, Trinity has seen a rise in the number of applicants, a number that has continued to rise since 2014.




“You had people that did internships and research on campus, but it wasn’t as big of an emphasis as it is now for the University.”

Jerheme Urban, Trinity University Football Coach and Class of 2002




“[The 2014 Strategic Plan] was the culmination of work that started from the first day I arrived.”

Dr. Dennis Ahlburg, Economics Professor, and Trinity University President from 2010-2015