Experiential Learning Today

Experiential Learning has quickly become the norm for many faculty members—-both in the arts and sciences—who incorporate it into their classrooms, hoping to give students more resources to learn and test that knowledge. Beyond San Antonio, Trinity incorporates study away programs into the mainstream by placing a greater emphasis on these opportunities than ever before. Many students can now develop their academic and cultural exposure beyond the Trinity campus; however, many still report that, due to the constraints of their major, study away simply is not a viable option. This obstacle is often most prevalent for STEM majors and students who require additional income to help support themselves or their families. For some, study away is a necessity, for others, a luxury. Trinity also encourages service learning for students, but it does not receive the same fanfare as study away. Some students feel a resultant disconnect between the campus and the greater San Antonio area, creating a phenomenon known as the “Trinity Bubble.”


“Experiential Learning raises students’ excitement about the area they are studying. It makes the endeavour feel authentic, relevant, alive.”

Dr. Danny Anderson, Trinity University President